Health Matters#8 | How to eat proteins properly? 10 tips You might not know.

Health Matters#8 | How to eat proteins properly? 10 tips You might not know.

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nuts2[dropcap2]P[/dropcap2]roteins are in a specific type of food chain. We need them to build our body’s muscles. This is common knowledge. Also there are many sources of proteins. Standard piece of knowledge says that chicken is the only way to get best results to absorb proteins and to build muscles and strong body shape. But what is someone is a vegan or just don’t want to eat meat?
There are tenths of plant based, protein sources like: beans, nuts, avocados, all kind of seeds and grains, quinoa, dark leafy greens, tofu, sun dried tomatoes, peas… the list goes on and on!
I’m not gonna try to convince anyone to stop eating meat or to quit vegan diet. I just wanted to mention 10 great hints about protein absorption. They are essential especially for regular meat eaters. So let’s getting on:
[highlight]#1 | Try to separate fats and proteins.[/highlight]
Eat them not together but for example on different hours during a daily routine. Fats slowing down digestion process of proteins for about 2-3 hours. This is massive amount of time and energy waste. This might be used as a power for training or exercises.
[highlight]#2 | Fats will be neutralized by a large amount of green leafy vegetables. [/highlight]
Maybe let’s try to add some more salad into our chicken meal. This will improve our meal with healthy plants. So when You have fried chicken (oil based frying process) try to add more cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, chive or squash.
[highlight]#3 | Do not combine different types of proteins.[/highlight]
Try to eat every single type of protein separately on every meal for ex. only meat, or only peas, or only fish.
[highlight]#4 | Proteins are better digestible when we eat them on a dinner. [/highlight]
Make sure do not use fried on oil meat. Better is to cook or grill meat. Also don’t add a mayo or any dressing contains oil. Examples: salad+cooked meat, salad+cottage cheese, salad+scrambled eggs and so on.

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[highlight]#5 | If You cannot eat raw vegetables (there are many people claims this kind of dysfunction) try to combine them with other type of food rather than quit. [/highlight]
It’s incorrect to eat raw vegetables with bread, groats, mayo, oil. Let’s make it simple: use 5 different ingredients creating a salad and make sure to use 5 random colors of vegetables.

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[highlight]#6 | Avoid malls to get best quality vegetables. [/highlight]
Try to look for some local fruit market or to find local farmers who provide home grown products. This also will affect the price: You can avoid taxes which shopping malls must to obey. So that means You can easily save some money.

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[highlight]#7 | All acids (especially from sour fruits like lemon) provides malfunction to our stomach.[/highlight]
It regulates sourness by its own natural processes so there is no need to squeeze a lemon juice on to fish.
[highlight]#8 | Separate proteins from carbohydrates! [/highlight]
This is a golden rule to myself! When You combine let’s say fish and chips, or burger with chips our stomach in wasting a vast amount of energy to digestive this deadly combination. That’s why we need a nap after lunch! We feel tired, what is weird because after providing minerals and proteins from meal we should have power and energy to have a walk or dance. Also this combination produce an substance called solanine (poison). This is like an drug for nervousness ailment so it relaxes us and makes us lazy.
[highlight]#9 | Broth – is a condensed brew from animals meat which is highly toxic because of high temperature process of making.[/highlight]
To digestive this kind of brew our body needs 30 times more energy than for meat processing. Because animals meat proteins contains high toxic substances it’s good to have a meat meal only twice a week. Better source of proteins is cottage cheese (10 grams/day), nuts or sunflower seeds.
[highlight]#10 | Swap animal’s protein into plant based.[/highlight]
There are tenths replacements and we as a human beings doesn’t need as much animal’s protein as modern periodicals say. For example 10 grams of nuts equals daily need for proteins as well as 12 grams of legumes is that same amount of proteins like 20 grams of chicken or 30 grams of fish.


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