Gifts, heavy food consumption and vodka – My Vegan Polish Christmas Time.

Gifts, heavy food consumption and vodka – My Vegan Polish Christmas Time.
Modern world is not against thrive. It’s created to encourage our will to have power and believe system which is good for people. Many of us say:
“Consumption is bad for us as well as environment”.
Maybe some of this is true but I have to say it depends on our lifestyle and ability to obey for random situations.
Christmas time is perfect example for digging more deep into this matter. Is consumptionism bad for us? Is it devilishes power to keep us in a dull mode? Should I take an extra piece of enything just because I would love to see my family happy? Maybe many of You will obey…but not me:)

Sitting with a family at a Christmas table is a moment when grandmas and parents trying to convince You to eat as much as You can, no matter what. We as a people who keep an eye on every label in a grocery, must be patience at all times. We avoid meat products and heavily processed food. At typical Polish Christmas table is full of both. I’m not saying they’re unhealthy. They’re home made using old recipes with minimal genetically modified ingredients. But the thing is not in ingredients but in an amounts of the food.

Polish society (old generations who experienced WWII) based on a fact they have to accumulate goods for better future just in case of…hmmm. I don’t know what case! Maybe war, or plague like in ancient Egypt. But Christmas time is the time when storeroom must be open for everyone. Even for vege-healthy lifestyle freaks like us. Amount of food is tremendous. Temptation is ready for Your greedy mind. So keep the level of saturation in a normal position. Family will persuade You to eat some more but that’s their way of thinking not mine. Even if grandfather will say:

vodka on christmas“You are so skinny! I can see You have a muscles but fat is also relevant so grab some extra fish”

Of course I won’t, but do I want that extra piece of anything? I listen to my body and I can predict what is the next step in a food overdose – sickness and sugar level skyrocketing in my blood stream. But who cares! it’s Christmas right?

Same thing is with stimulants: legal drugs like alcohol, cigarettes, sodas and sweets. There is also fake acquiescence for having some fun time hence overdose of all from above. Polish traditional Christmas time was always spiced with vodka drops. Nobody cares about social consequences. But this year I closely look up for health issues – combination of large amount of food and vodka. There are various studies on the net about it so do Your homework.

Last but not least: gifts. It’s a heavy tradition in Poland. I love to have one as well as to make others happy. This is not the case. I’ve been thinking deeper into a whole gift thing and I’ve come to conclusion. I don’t want to be controlled by any kind of force: behavioral, religious, economical. This particular period keeps me all the time in a state when I gotta keep looking for some gifts for family members. And who said it’s the only time to do gifts? Some say:

 ” Because it’s an atmosphere of Christmas time. It’s a part of tradition.”

I’m cool with this and I truly agree. The thing is it’s been fabricated by someone else not me. It’s not my own need of giving and receiving. It’s been created on purpose. And this means I’m not controlling my life by myself rather than I’m just a follower.

Maybe I don’t want to follow. Maybe I want to lead. Or even if not, I like to have free will. Gift time might be on a regular daily basis. Why should I wait until right time in a calendar to give presents to my friends and family? Unless I can be sure prices are not being manipulated into fake discounts leading to even more debt.

So Christmas time is a specific period when vodka, gifts and overdosing of consumption is heavy exposed. Before when I was an all-eater It didn’t matter am I overdosing food consumption or not. Now after two years of my healthy lifestyle I’m able to see more clearly what might be an ultimate result of Christmas. This great period should be a peaceful time with family rather than shopping amok, intemperance of eating and drinking forced by social behavioral system which is already failure.

So the choice is Yours how You gonna spend Your next Christmas time.

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