What I learned at TEDx Warsaw ED 2014?

What I learned at TEDx Warsaw ED 2014?

tedxwed-2014 by eachoneteachoneDecember 1st 2014, Warsaw. Cold morning but I was able to wake up earlier just to have some room to organize myself before I left home. And the reason to leave home was glorious – it’s a day of independently organized TEDx event called TEDx Warsaw ED. This was a first time Education is a main theme of talks in Polish history of TEDx talks. I started my journey right after morning yoga, meditation and a half liter of a green smoothie. 20 minutes of drive and I’m in a right spot: Warsaw University Library. Quick walk to parking meter, paid for couple hours and head straight into library complex. Also quick registration process, badge collection and finally I arrived to the main hall.

The idea of conference was simple: live speakers interspersed with screenings from TED Talks from all over the world. Subject: Education out of the box. Host and a promoter of the event was Agnieszka Galas who very confident and smooth introduced speakers and schedule details of the day.

[highlight]Why we need major changes in Education?[/highlight]

I was very happy receiving email confirmation from TEDxWarsaw ED staff saying that my application passed and I ‘m able to attend to an event. Education is my favorite topic and here it is: event special for me. First session totally fulfilled my expectations. Great speeches as well as footage screening. Many topics touched very important areas of education. From live speakers we had a two important topics: financial consciousness of youth and what is creative process? I’ll sum up my thoughts later on.

After first session we had a lunch break. I was greatly surprised lining up myself in a queue where I could get a vegan soup made by local organic farmers. Soup was delicious! Another great feature during break was nice smelling cup of Joe – my pick was Americano! Publisher’s booth offered valuable books from Anthony Robbins to Brian Tracy. Tenths of must-have positions were there so that’s why it was worth to spend some cash for a self-development literature. Next booth was a 3D printer setup.  I had a frank exchange with the owner of the company. He said:

“There is a lack of boundaries and limitations in a 3D matter. We can print almost every shape, even the most distinguished. Now we can have a technology which allow us to use full palette of colors”

Between lunch and next session I attended to Workshops with promoters of TEDx events. This was short but very effective brainstorm Q&A session. Special guest was Adam Liwinski – project manager of TEDxWarsaw event. He explained details about how to organize Your own TEDx event. Basically if You have any idea You can try send a request to TED organization and get approval for having Your own event.

Organizing large event is a challenge. But You can start from something smaller. If You have good idea and people who produce valuable content You can do Your event even at Your home! Venue doesn’t matter. What matters is content and formula of spreading ideas.

said Adam Liwinski

Second Session started right after Workshops. Maybe for myself was not many live speakers in this part but I assume promoters had their own limitations of time and resources. Anyway. Two live speakers appeared on the TED stage: Ryszard Krug who is mathematician. He gave a great examples of how mathematics work in combination with nature observations. That mathematics doesn’t have to be boring piece of mythical science. Next on the stage was Agnieszka Busk – drama coach. Her presentation was brilliant showing how we can improve our storytelling. Drama as a technique is a useful piece of knowledge to create Your own scenarios to fictitious stories. After her presentation next stop – screening of international speeches from TED Talks.

My conclusions and What I really learned…


Parents doesn’t care about financial consciousness of their kids. Money is a taboo subject and taboo hence other taboos like sex. So school education failure is about to come even more in future. Sex education in school is a disaster, nobody knows how to educate youth. The same with economy and money itself.


Never ever pay Your child for doing their home work ex. cleaning windows. Kids should know the value of work.


Support in being responsible ex. “If You earn half amount of cash You want I’ll give You another half.


Creativity comes from emptiness. Spend some time in forest, go to the country side, slow down little bit to be more calm and effective.


Education doesn’t have to be pain in the ass. We should make it curious for kids who really want to explore and not learning stuff from early ages which are out of date in modern society.


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