Big brands vs Small brands | Visiting ISPO 2015 in Munich

Big brands vs Small brands | Visiting ISPO 2015 in Munich
Munich - beautiful city in Southern Germany is famous for its beautiful architecture, fine culture, and the annual Oktoberfest beer celebration. For myself first two elements was crucial not exactly the third one. My journey to Bavaria was not because of tourist reasons. As a DJ and a dancer I am highly involved into Polish based clothing brand called "Oku Aku". My last year's trip with the brand was awesome: doing dance and Dj showcases. This was amazing experience. This year I'm back again to meet with old friends and feel the vibe of one of the largest Sport, Fitness and Skiing Trade Show in the world: ISPO Munich 2015. I'm not going to write a full review of the event. I'll leave this to various fitness and sport industry websites. My experience is little bit different than everybody else.

My honest impressions after being at ISPO

Being in a place like ISPO is an opportunity to see what leading trends are. Modern world foundational way of thinking is based on following - which has pros and cons. Global brands like Nike, Adidas doesn't have to worry about lack of customers. Big fishes stands at ISPO were really impressive with their advertisement and commercial way of product presentation. Also big money behind their outlook was shinning all over the spot. I was amazed. At the same time I was disappointed. Big brand hence big ego! I'm talking about people who been hired for ISPO as a customer service or for entertaining. Many of those people (not everyone) were really sad and rude-looking. For some of them it was another job to do during weekend.

This was highly perceptible element of negativity beaming to the visitors. Shortly I summed up that it's not issue of a small brands. Maybe it is a manager's issue itself or recruitment program. The thing is they hire young and good looking people just to be a front man on the booth to amaze. But physical look is not what customers really need. Well maybe in the first few seconds, yes. In a low conscious level it might be highly attractive but at the end of the day many potential customers visiting ISPO won't get anything from big brands. And it's just because lack of collectivity and interaction. I thought I'm gonna see some great stuff at big brand's booths but unfortunately I was wrong.

ispo_isposhows_6Cause & effect

After day one I reconsidered my plan and it was best choice: avoid big brands and stay focus on the small ones. It's not because of their products. They were pretty awesome and high range and I didn't need any confirmations. So I was visiting more and more small booths and finally found what I was looking for. I met people who run their own brands and they do everything by themselves: CEO, management, social media, sales. These people been focused not only on sale but also on interaction with a customers. Every time someone hit to their booth they had a unlimited amount of time for product overview as well as just simple chat about ISPO experience. I also meet random individuals who been very kind and positive (still outside big brands booths). We could chat about just everything even if the only common thing was English language or our presence at ISPO. Also products from small brands were totally different, more educative, more creative with some story behind. Of course big brands had their advantage in budgets and quality flowing from industrialism. It was also great to see how they deal with future challenges and a demand for new technology. Yet a way of customer services provided by big brands were pretty weird, almost saying:

"We sale so many goods we can do whatever we want. Doesn't matter you are going to visit our booth or not."


All big brands CEO's or managers be aware of who You hire on the trade show's booth. Nowadays where Photoshop is on every corner of advertisement, people knows best what is true and what is fake. This means You cannot amaze audience with six packs, tanned skin tone, boobs and fake smiles. This is OK for the first impression. But in a long term engagement it's going to fail. I'm not saying these young and beautiful looking people are wrong or bad individuals - in fact they are really nice and kind in private! But on the booth they became ego-driven machines hired by corporation just for entertaining process. So if there is no story behind and honestly inside these people, this won't work out.

I want to apologize every individual who felt resentful by any words above. If You do so please listen to this chill/ambient music mix. Enjoy 🙂

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