5 energy sources good for Your mind, body and soul.

5 energy sources good for Your mind, body and soul.

Have You ever think about how You spend energy? Yes You heard me: energy, force, power or chi, yin, yang, prana whatever You name it. No matter what, we have it. It flows every single second in our body in each of billions of cells. We cannot reject its existence even if we don't really care about it. We just take it as granted. Some scientists doesn't bother about energy flow rather than they focus on organs, veins and bunch of body parts which has nothing to do in this matter.
Energy is what we use daily for hundreds of tasks. From small ones like waking up to signing big contracts with important client. Every activity requires energy this is a fact. No matter what we must have energy for life. We already have it inside of our body but we clearly forgot how to use it.

Positive vs negative.

This is the most explored topic nowadays. Especially positive energy and its flow in our life. We call something positive if it affects us in a good way. Negative is opposite. But both of these energies are connected together and they're inseparable. One cannot exists without other. We want only positive experiences but life on this planet is moving in various directions depends on situation and energies flowing around You. We cannot demand positiveness because there must be a balance. the thing is how we treat our failures: as something negative which drives us crazy or necessary fact of our life to experience and develop some new skills and reactions.


Where You get Your energy? If You spend most of Your time in a toxic environment, places You don't want to be You get toxic energy. Friends, co-workers, even closest family might be Your curse and source of bad energy You absorb subconsciously. And vice versa. This works both sides. Fact is everything around us is a source of energy. The problem is if this energy is positive or negative and how it affects us? Let's just imagine there is no negative flow in our life. Yes believe me it's possible not only in surrealistic dreams. Think about where You can get positive stream of force? Here is my top list on positiveness sources (based on my experiences).

1. The People.

Surround Yourself by amazing people. If You have no creative environment around - change it. Switch them up in to soul mates who might deliver to You simple elements of energy sharing positiveness with You (because this is what we need). People also can knock You down energetically but as soon as You replace them to positive mates it'll be Your success. Also try to not focus on negativeness from other people rather than treat it as a experience You should work out. I know it sounds very schematic but even the first step of transforming our mindset from comfortable events to failure acceptance is super hard. It's not easy to do but it gives enormous effects.

2. The Sun.

Believe me or not but sun rays are essential part of our life. As soon as it beams in to Your face or any other body part (the best is a full body on the Sun exposure), our organism starts to produce vitamin D which is important for health and it affects people's mood. Do Your homework about vitamins especially D because there are several extraordinary details about it. Sun is also source of warmth which might be not only on a body level but also in a energy field. Despite to what doctors say we should avoid Sun especially at noon time I would totally disagree. Noon time is the best time to catch sunlight because particles are easy to absorb and full of positive charge in its full effect.

3. Love!

No matter what kind of love we think about it's clearly obvious we can charge ourselves by just feeling emotion of Love! It's one of the most effective source of energy but do we have it enough everyday? Do we hug people to share energy of love? Do we truly feel love to other people rather than more hate them in general? In how many situations we feel love and appreciation? Do we know anything about sexual energy of love which might be essential in out lifestyle? Basically power of love is infinite and every author of spiritual books will mention love as a redemption for sickness of this world. In a spiritual way love is power for our life batteries. Sexual energy is another topic we should study. This deserves a full article but I'm not sure people are ready for this 🙂 Especially us man (male) because there is huge misunderstanding in energy of love and making love itself. So from sexual activity we should storage energy rather than losing it. Anyway... maybe next time:)

4. Food.

Plant based meals are charged with energy of life because of Sun. Highly processed foods are less packed and even they're wasting Your energy during digesting process. Green leafs contains large amount of energy, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans, sprouts...there is so many foods You can have to increase Your stamina. Just digg into this subject and You'll find out everything You need. Forget about diet. Just change Your lifestyle and approach to recharging Your energy by the right fuel - food.

5. Let's move.

Physical activity releases happiness endorphins as well as increase Your brain functionality. It gives You also a better shape, condition and stamina. Just pick what You would like to do: fitness, zumba, dance, rollerskating, swimming, crossfit, tennis etc. Every single one is essential. This gives You sense of completeness and fulfillment. I personally choose dance because it connects body and soul on a various levels.

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