I have a new president. So what?

I have a new president. So what?

I have a new president. But what is elections?

Recent events in Poland made me to think deeper about how our reality operates. Presidential election are finished. One man won others has lost. This process affects every society since ages. This is no doubt. People must to choose someone to lead them, to show the right way, be an example to follow etc. Obvious isn't it? I'm not going to sum up elections with pros and cons going from who Polish people elected, who is good and who's bad, which political activity is right and kind and which isn't. I'll leave this for daily newspapers and political activists who wrote millions of words in recent days about presidential election in Poland
What I was thinking about is "No separation"! These words are very powerful and deep. I wanted to closely look up and see what I can get to myself especially in political election as well as any activity in our life. As an observer and partially participant I was able to watch without emotional engagement how people react and respond for certain situations. Many of people who truly believe in person who run campaign for presidential are in a state of trance (check random pictures form presidential campaign rally). Cheering and screaming, crying and clapping - these emotional events has been in a background all the time during political games happening. I understand people who identify with other person especially with politicians. They are ready to trust, believe and sacrifice a lot and all this in the name of better future of their homeland. where to go


Speaking about trust. I'll quote once again this simple phrase: "No separation". I know exactly the right person who might give You the best of the best future in terms of creating jobs, earning unlimited amount of wealth, experiencing true love and be happy with our lifestyle. The best politician ever! Want to know this person? It's easy: go and look in to the mirror. Yes silly it's You
My point is: no one on this planet and on other planets as well will not make Your future more comfortable and secured than You. No president, prime minister, doctors, teachers, leaders, specialists etc. It's obvious and everyone know that. But who cares when presidential elections coming to the first pages of the daily news. When campaigns starting to run everybody is checking political programs and promises politicians give. Some might be even true. 
This state of thinking is dangerous to our inner consciousness because we give back our freedom of sober thinking for somebody else just to pass the responsibility for potentially future failure. We separate ourselves as a default option. Separate in terms of we vote for better future like the man who supposed to change it for better is our best friend who we know  for years and trust no matter what. This would be good option. But the man from TV who we barley see in a picture form with no live interaction isn't great choice. It's not his interest to provide better future for all country, it's impossible. But they still claim to fix the world by promising things.

Little bit of cosmos...

We are one! Together, in a universal law we all are one. No separations allowed in cosmic rights. Every individual is gorgeous itself. Has power and ability to shape reality of every single day, here and now and future. So if we can create our future why we need politicians to do it for us? Separation is being created hundreds of years ago because one man is standing above millions and they watch him and follow as a blind sheep. This is separation. Power vs averageness.
Picking up "the right" candidate isn't problem solver. Getting rid of thinking there is someone above us to rule and  conquer this is a solution. We are in the age where information is spreading with a speed of light so it's much easier to look for good solutions. But remember: every solution which is valuable for You and made by You will be right. Because it has Your intention and willing to change something for better. This is the ultimate truth because it's been made by You - the greatest creator and reality shaper.
So instead of thinking how politicians will deal with promises let's take an action and make our life more beautiful. If You're looking for job - go and get the job, send resume, ask people, search the web. If You're looking for money - go and get them, create a business from brilliant idea and trim it in to profitable income. If You're looking for a love - get it! It's there, not on a TV screen but in Your life. I think there is no politician on this planet who could give You some of these values. And if there is one he or she might be only temporary solution and it's not free of charge, disinterested. You gonna pay Your price during the next elections by picking up again.

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