5 things successful people do before breakfast.

5 things successful people do before breakfast.

Beep beep beep beep Beep Beep BEEP BEEP BEEP! BANG!Your eyes are open, not very widely but enough to see a digital screen flicking straight to Your eyeballs. You turn around to get few more minutes of nap but beeping is coming again and again. Now when You are very close to the edge of being late and super angry, You rip off quilt and jump straight to the shower. Water is boiling for coffee at the same time You wiping Your body by towel. Ok You are dry now. Quick cup of Jo, morning Facebook wall-scroll routine, and here You go, ready for the mad run to the subway, train or parking/garage to pop into communication vehicle. Sometimes You're on time, sometimes not. It actually doesn't matter at this point. So this is simple morning routine millions of people have every single day worldwide. Of course it's soft core version, without hangovers, sleepless night, or other bad experiences from yesterday.

9781591846697Morning like this might be a good starter for some of You because of energy flow caused by stimulus of being on time. It's like a Red Bull which boost Your adrenaline to work effective and be awake on early morning hours. Red Bull is the best comparison. Unfortunately this energy drink instead of giving us real energy it has a huge negative  impact not only on our health but also on a mentally way of thinking. For me energy drinks are like a drugs, addicting people and their brains.

So Red Bull as a highly addictive substance has it's side effects. And the same is with this early morning rush which we experience every day. Morning rituals should be simple, effective and boosting Your mind, body & soul. This led me to do my research about this issue. I accidentally found this great lady Laura Vanderkam and her brilliant study about time efficiency and productivity. Her book "What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast". This tittle forced me straight to get this book at Amazon and study every single page asap.
I finished this book in just one evening. So many informations was there I started to do quick notes and trying to research every single one separately. Each of them was an element of a bigger picture connecting dots into superb structure. Ms Vanderkam focused her work on couple of businessman, successful womans and CEOs of large companies. This group of people explained how they operate on morning rituals and why this was a key to the success for them. Many of them had brilliant stories, tips and hints about how to start Your day. From very busy CEOs to mother with three children, every story is unique and full of analogies.
After reading I made some notes which are only my interpretations of the book as well as practices I developed and inputed into my daily morning routine. You might have Yours. So here they are:

 1. Wake up on fire!

 I wake up without complainants about new day arrival. Even if my beeper is annoying I'm trying to get out off the bed as soon as I can straight after first alarm. This practice is great because it shapes Your will power and ability to stay up strong on the very first minute of the new day. Richest people usually wake up very early morning between 5-6 a.m. This is great piece of extra time before world start to spin and average people will run to catch the bus or to avoid stop on traffic light.

2. Water!

A glass of water with lemon, ginger and mint. This practice has so many advantages it deserves for entire article (I'll research this topic for y'all). First substance we place into our mouth in the morning affects our body and cells very deeply. If this is cup of coffee You are dehydrating Yourself. Make sure to hydrate as soon as it's possible after our body need this because of used water supplies during the night.

3. Exercise!

This is one of the most efficient technique. During morning exercises our body releases endorphin (happy hormones) and they'll boost our energy level. It might be yoga routine, running, cycling, tai chi etc. Every single one from the list of successful people do exercise right after wake up. Against all stereotypes that You gonna be tired after exercises is simply not true. By moving physically You deliver oxygen to Your bloodstream which is essential in the morning. After that quick shower 🙂

4. Meditation.

For some of the richest people this is another key element of daily morning routine. Without it they probably would not be personality like they are now. Meditation in modern days is something everybody does (or they claim do do it). But it's not about labeling this activity rather than just trying to stay calm and sit back for minimum 10 minutes without engaging stream of thoughts. It's very hard to accomplish especially in the morning when every minute is full of future schedule tasks picturing our whole upcoming day. Successful people do one particular technique: they visualize future goals with potentially great end, they affirm positiveness in their life as well as they are thankful from the bottom of their heart for everything they have. Doesn't matter is it a good relationship, money, completed tasks...whatever. They are just graceful about their life. Simple but do we do it every morning? Have You ever tried this?

5. Breakfast.

And the very last thing of successful people is healthy breakfast. After meditation breakfast is essential for gaining energy level before next meal. Even if You have no diet try to look deep into You way of eating and how it affects You and Your immune system. I'm not going to name any diet or plan because we all are different hence we need different amount of food. Just do Your research about Your personal diet plan. If You feel need of coffee after breakfast it's more like a behavioral aspect. Also if You got caffeine carving this means You might be highly addicted or You ate not right combination of food.

My last word to You:)

So next time You hear the beep, a signal of a next day's upcoming make sure to treat it very well and with respect. If richest and most successful people do it every morning this might be something. Waking up early, water with lemon, exercises, meditation, healthy breakfast it all sounds crazy and more time and effort is needed. Many of You will say:
"I've no time for this kind of things, they are rich and they have plenty of time and resources to spend on hobbys and healthy living".
And this statement is completely bullshit! Do You think CEO's or business woman with 3 children has plenty of time? Their schedule is fully packed by meetings and random activities. Believe me they are very busy people! More than anyone! Especially more than You and me! So if they have a time to wake up at 5 and do all that stuff and after that work You have also the same amount of power! We have this power! We just simply need to activate it and change some old behavioral patterns and follow the leaders before we become one of them. Have a great morning wake ups 🙂
Photo credits: David Mao | Unsplash,  Royalty-Free/Corbis

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