Health Matters#10 | Green smoothie breakfast can fight all of Your diseases.

Health Matters#10 | Green smoothie breakfast can fight all of Your diseases.

I always liked to eat. Dumplings, pancakes, pizza as well as fast food, burgers, hot-dogs etc. Sandwiches was always my typical starter of the day (other than U.S where people get cereals with milk or U.K’s English breakfast). Piece of white bread included ham and cheese or pie or just a bunch of strawberry jam. Sometimes I got scrambled eggs or sausages or toasts. Drink with lot of tea or warm cup of cocoa. Nothing special. Lunch was always the same: meat with potatoes and small salad or pancakes, dumplings - typical Polish kitchen. Dinner was the same like breakfast: sandwiches. From teenager point of view nothing special from medical at that time also nothing unusual. Just regular teen who constantly move and need energy for sports, exploring the neighborhood and study in school.

Quickly I became sickly-looking kid by getting cold and flu very often so this was the very first problem with my immunology system. Of course doctors gave me antibiotics and this prevented illness until next time: sometimes more than one month sometimes less before I was sick again. My mama said: "Don't drink cold when You play football" and during winter she warned: "Don't forget your beanie". Of course I did exactly opposite. Maybe my mother's words were so strongly intended so they "programmed" my body to react in certain situations. Back then I could not know this, now I'm pretty sure words has very strong charge and can cause miracles as well as destructive (unconscious) events.

Basically I changed nothing until 2012. One day I started to change my life by drinking a green smoothies. This was a first step to my healthy journey. I started to research every single author of green smoothies recipes, blogs, movies. I wrap up my previous lifestyle and I quickly became more healthy and full of energy. Still eating similar like before but the only thing I really changed was breakfast. No more previous habits: bread, eggs, sausages, cheese and ham. Instead I started to blend every single green leafy vegetable together with fruits and still water. After couple of months my own basic recipe was formed. Green smoothie, sweet flavor, and creamy consistence. Perfect starter for myself as a dancer who work using random body parts everyday as well as video editor to have bright and powerful state of mind.

You might ask why smoothie? The answer is the key! Regular solid meals which we must chew right after we swallow is not absorbing right away rather than our cells and organs must to digest it and transform into easy to absorb packages. This process consumes energy which we should have in the morning right after we wake up.

TIP: Solid meal will decrease Your energy level rather than liquid ones which will boost it up.

Plus green smoothie has raw and unprocessed ingredients thus this is straight up bomb of vitamins as well as proteins.


STEP 1 - Base - Green Leafy Vegetables - PICK at least ONE! You have plenty of greens to pick: spinach, kale, roman salad, regular salad, collards, dandelion, cabbage, turnip, chard and more.
STEP 2 - Fruits - PICK AT LEAST TWO! Banana, oranges, apples, avocado, kiwi, peaches, lemon, berries, watermelon, raspberries etc.
STEP 4 - Extra additional Vegan Protein powder, spirulina, honey, seeds, flax, nuts, coconut powder, pollen etc.
STEP 5 - Blend well!

Ready to get Your power? 🙂

After breakfast like this You can forget about low energy level in the morning hence no more Red Bull around 11 am. Of course my illness factor has been reduced enormously. Plus I added some extra food and exercises habits in to my daily routine which led me to the point where I got cold or flu more than a two years ago. Even if I had simple infection it was only two days lightweight event, nothing special.
Next time I'll share my next healthy lifestyle tip which increased my immunology system, reduced skin problems and brightened my skin tone. Stay tune 🙂


  1. Ola says:

    What with the second breakfast ? What should we eat? I can’t imagine starting my day without bread but I’ll try 🙂

    • Vasquez Vasquez says:

      Ola thanks for comment! 🙂

      The second breakfast is very easy: It might be an apple, nuts, or oat (gluten free) snacks.
      I usually do millet! Millet is the queen 🙂 I cook millet and add to this banana, raisins, cranberry, and some nuts! This gives me power until 1 p.m. 🙂

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