Be aware #1 | Naked body acceptance.

Be aware #1 | Naked body acceptance.

We want to be aware, right? How to do it? First of all we need to think about when we are happy? Maybe it is very easy to answer: I am happy when I eat well. I am happy when I have someone who I love. I am happy when I feel fulfillment. I am happy when I have money. The list goes on and on. We know exactly what we want. The thing is how to accomplish it? Throughout my own experiences I would like to publish there major aspects which are disconnecting us from the real source of happiness. So let's get to it straight away. In this first article I'll dig deep in to a first and the key aspect of our life which is - naked body! Yes, yes! You heard me. NAKED BODY. Why is it so important?


Do You accept Your body? Doesn't matter what age, color or race we all have the same body. Um... sort of. We all have same number of limbs. Here I would like to focus on external body. Why? Because our body is like a shell covering all of internal organs. This means we are all the same. The problem is with our culture, education and social standards attached in to our daily lifestyle. Every single one of these elements tries to visualize to our consciousness how we should look like. Take for example society. It tells us how our body should look like in terms of successful life. You should have great shape, fit sculpture, big breasts, firm ass, perfect lips, lean legs, six pack instead of average belly, huge muscles and the list goes on and on! Are we really want to be like this?

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being fit - I love exercises, dance and be in shape. I asked myself who wants this body and how I feel with myself? Because all of these perfect body ingredients are manipulated by so called "Cult of Body". So why so many people try to sustain their killer workout plans, diets and huge amount of suffer and stress? Is it because they want to be healthy hence body is going to be fit anyway (it's just a side effect of healthy lifestyle) or is it because modern pop culture says so? Most of the people probably pick the first option but more influence on their decision has second option. They want to fit to social standards which are very far-fetched.

Nude | Naked | Without Clothes.

When we born we are bare. This is very natural. As soon as we become a part of a machine called society we need to follow the trends. Fashion business is based on this where designers are trying to create new concepts of how we should look. Talking about awareness is mainly about being yourself, finding yourself and being natural - not manipulated. So if being naked is our natural state of being, why we changed in to some layered creature who must be covered at all times? And here is the trick. Cult of body requires a perfect shape, if not You better cover Yourself because everybody will see You are bare! Here is the example how it works:

Let's say You are on a beach or under the shower. If You lose Your swimming suit or someone will enter to the shower room what is the first thing You do? Bra or swimming trunks goes down and we feel embarrassment so much that we automatically cover our inmost parts. Isn't that weird? Why we must cover? This is who we are! This is real us in full effect! No less. So what someone will see us? Is it something bad? If we feel like we need to cover like we have some secret down there, it means we been manipulated by fake social standards. Following this path I could say even more: we not only been controlled but most of all we don't have self acceptance which is the key element.


Deprogramming ourselves.

How many times a day You are naked?:) Most of You will say: one! Under the shower! This means one time a day You can be really yourself, free and connected to Your inner spirit. As soon a You go out from bathroom You wrap Your body with some clothing. That's how shame works. So how is it possible to be aware exactly here and now for approximately 10 minutes a day? That's not gonna work! It's not enough! Solution is very simple. Start being naked!:) That's it.

Walk around Your house naked. This is a perfect place to experience in a private conditions a piece of freedom. Nobody will judge You. Also I don't understand why people after all day in a work they undress, take a shower and wear pajamas. From physiological point of view this is unhealthy for skin, to not breathe or feel outside impulses for so many hours. This is going to be remembered by our body's cells. This simple thing will help You to discover the realness of You body and if You do it on a daily basis You'll feel very comfortable. I know it sounds crazy but believe me, it gives so much power to Your self esteem. Once You get used to it You are gonna move forward 🙂 It's part of deprogramming process. Next step is going nude to the nature!

-J. Nilsson Photography
-J. Nilsson Photography

Nude Beach, saunas or Naturist Clubs and even unfrequented or abandoned forests are the best places to experience that human body is just average and beautiful at the same time. First of all it's because of contact with the nature! You can literally feel the connectivity between Your cells and plants or ground! Being associated with other naked people re-opens Your body's energy flow. Feeling ashamed slowly breaking apart. You can see everybody is the same and what even better is nudity equals asexuality!!! Most of people who are deep in the program of shame and guilt caused by education and social aspects, will never understand until they try it:) The best option is going to a nude beach. Skinny dipping and suntanning outdoor is something remarkable! And the feeling after You try it for the first time is priceless! Level of pride and accomplishment will skyrocket! This opens the doors for the next level of self awareness! You will praise You body  as a great container for the soul and not some ugly piece of flesh. Especially on a nude beach where You will be able to see random people who hasn't perfect body shape. You'll see people on different age mostly older than You. And maybe their bodies aren't perfect but think about it this way: they are already been deprogrammed!

It's up to You.

So what is Your choice? Stay in a coma by being programmed in social/visual aspect of human body with big amount of shame? Or trying to free Yourself from major rules made by education, religions and social standards. Nudity is nothing wrong. It's very forbidden because of various reasons. One of the most important is to keep You in a low level of self esteem. Why? Because it's much easier to control, to project how You should look in front of other people. Which is totally wrong in a free society. Instead of pure nudity and natural view of human body we've been exposed with random pictures of fake naked bodies in celebrities, advertisements, on TV, on a daily basis. We've been told that this is the goal we need to reach to feel great with our body. Unfortunately we can't make it because this "game" is only one-sided. Rules been created by the society and the question is: Would You like to play a game with hidden rules crafted against You?


Your body is perfect! Don't judge, just accept! Love Your Body!

Human Body is the KEY!
Human Body is the KEY!

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  1. Tony Jones says:

    I agree with you 100%. I live in a area where I have neighbors and a somewhat busy street. Yet I’ll still go out in the backyard and one side yard completely naked. My wife never says anything about it except that I’m just a free spirit, I suggest that she join me but she never accepts the invitation. Fear of being seen isn’t what keeps me from the other side of the house where I can be seen much easier, I have a couple of what I feel are very valid reasons. First I don’t want to be reported to the police and possibly arrested as I’m a business owner and possibly put on a list with real sex offenders. I really believe that would kill my business. Secondly, while am a free spirit I wouldn’t want my child or children to see some naked guy strutting around his yard in the buff. Other than those two reasons I really don’t care if the guy nextdoor of the woman behind me catches me, I’m not hiding. I’ve never been to a nude beach nor do I ever want to. Maybe if I put a pool in? My wife might join me?

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