Be aware #2 | Here and Now! Start doing!

Be aware #2 | Here and Now! Start doing!
Hours, days and even years took us to figure out some events from our life. Usually we think about various scenarios in terms of past or future. Why? Because there is no need to predict anything for the future. Why not? Simple: nobody is a Nostradamus. Even him wasn't sure about some major events of this world. He was let's say gifted so he could predict some stuff. Us we can also think about future or past only as an events which already happened or as an events which maybe occur. But everything we think throughout the day is about predictions or projections for the future. Examples?
"I need to pay my bill", "I gotta do something", "Will I be happy with this partner?", "I'm curious what will be happen when I do this or that".
All these sentences are not true. They can only give us some glimpse of insight of these situations. But they will never be truth. Even the most obvious things might be unpredictable.

We're wasting our time every single day. As a matter of fact on average people work in a effective way only for about 4 hours a day. Which is pretty bad result in terms of businesses. Yet they operate very well financially. Imagine a company where everybody work for real 8 hours with maximum efficient! Who ha! This might be the truth only when employees are involved in stocks of the company. But honestly - employees spend their hours watching YouTube, checking email from friends, scrolling social media. I'm not saying they should work harder. If they use only half amount of their energy for what they need to do and the rest of time they waste just because they must be in a place of work - this sucks.

Wasting time is relevant. For one of You clicking and endless scrolling of other people social media profiles is doing something creative. If You are a researcher this might be true. If not You are wasting Your time and energy. We live in a beautiful period of our history. We got access to so many goods for almost nothing and still we use only small piece of them or we waste them for good. For instance electronics. Mobile phone, computers, TV sets - they used to be repairable. Now we just throw it away and buy another stuff. Thanks that we waste also environment. We also waste our talents and gifts because of a marketplace which demand some obedience. 

Here and now.

As Eckhart Tolle - man who subjugate the power of now ask:
"Ask Yourself: What is Your problem? But not tomorrow and not from the past. What problem do You have here and now? Do You have to run away because lion is chasing You? Do You have a shelter aka home to live? Are You healthy right now? Got two legs, two arms, pair of ears and eyes? If Yes, this means You have no problems in this particular moment"
I know it's hard to understand but our problems aka time-wasters are only connected with the future of past. Most of people's problems are not in the moment they think about it. They are only predictions in the near or distant future. Predictions means not true. And they take so much out of our life energy. What a waste!

Use Your talent to create for being aware.

To be here and now means be focused on what is good for us. Predictions mainly are about negative things. So stop predicting and start acting. Accelerate Your life by changing something. Think about what You would like to do? Maybe run a marathon, maybe start Your business or quit a job and tell Your boss he's an asshole. Whatever. Just take some action. Sitting and scrolling Facebook screen won't give You happiness. I'm pretty sure You got some talent, skill or gift. Even if not maybe You don't know yet. Or if You want to stay in a social media environment be a specialist or start Your own agency or work for one. Just don't stay passive. Winter time and some bad weather pushing us down. Also some life experience and events might blur our power.

Let's reveal this power to the outside world and don't let anyone and anything stop You from taking action. Only acting can give You present moment in full effect! So let's go!


Featured photo credits: Vladimir Kudinov

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