Be aware #3 | Why You use Social Media?

Be aware #3 | Why You use Social Media?

Everything we post on a social media goes outside to the entire world and stays there for unknown amount of time. We post everyday photos, videos and text. We share our thoughts, emotions, privacy. We also follow other people by just reading what they share hence we spend huge amount of time by watching screens. No matter what, social media is a big part of our life.

Let's take for example gym photos. Very popular trend around the net. Why people share it? Because they want to gain public attention. Maybe because they like to see how other people admire them. Or even because they been addicted to "Like" numbers pumping ego up.

Other publish their photos because they want to inspire  how to get the right body shape. Unfortunately most of gym selfies are about bragging and not about sharing ideas and solutions for good health. But it's just a simple example how it works. On every social media, in every part of our life no matter is it gym, lifestyle, or other matter we mostly use social media for public exposure driven by our ego.

Basic question we need to ask ourselves is: Why we share our content to the world?

Use it or not?

You have only two options. Both are individual and my own interpretations about social media usage. First one is totally waste of time, lack of effectiveness and creative ability to express. Not only creative way, but express in general. Second one is what I call "Smart User Publishing" aka SUP. You can improve Your appearance in the net by creating Your own unique content - getting more audience for Your text, audio or video. What is the difference between these two?

Are You Consumer?

Believe me or not we are all consuming social media every day. Consuming is good, I'm not against. We all need to consume, buy, order stuff ex. food, cosmetics, clothes. Major thing with consuming is not we spend money. Money is just a temporary piece of paper which must flow from one side to other. In that same aspect we consume social media: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. We watch, comment, react on pictures, videos and articles linked on one of the available platforms. The worst thing is we consume without giving anything back. What I mean by that is there should be balance. For instance the same amount of time we spend watching social media we should use for creating and publishing our things. And I know some of You say: "Hey I'm not a blogger og vlogger". And it's OK. You just need to consider how much time do You waste consuming social media - not very productive activity.
My advice: consume whatever You want. What to watch is relevant. Spend not exactly the same but maybe an hour a day creating Your inspirational content whether is it Facebook link, Instagram photo or Snap. Keep in mind consuming other people's stuff makes You passive and effortless to be lazy. Try to be active and You'll see great results.

Are You Creator?

Using social media is great experience. It's even more fun when You create something. Doesn't matter what, just create. If You have a hobby, passion, curious job, please share it with other people. Being passionate about something has results in terms of positive feedback and even financially. It's also give more in a return. Don't bother nobody is liking Your photos or videos. What is important: Do it no matter what and if You are honest and truly You people will appreciate it. Share Your passion because world is ready for Your talent. This will also help You to shape Your personality in a real life. Modern technology allows us to express in random places and social media is the perfect environment to be. If You for example paint back in the days You could only ask gallery to agree for Your exhibition but that doesn't happen very often. Nowadays You don't have to ask anybody of any kind of permission. Just log in and You are free to create and share Your ideas to the world. And even if nobody wants to listen or view Your stuff, don't get upset. If You are true to Yourself expect unexpected results:)

Its up to You. Whether You want to be consumer or creator. One is for sure: most of creators are simply winners. It's all about having fun, being passionate about something and sharing. All negative comments, haters, manipulators will try to crush You. Once again: if You have something to say and You know Your true ability to express - do it! No matter what. If You ask how to do it? The answer is simple and plain: Just do it:) 

Be creator. Stop scrolling down people's walls on Facebook. Create Your own story via available social media and this will give You awareness and freedom of expression.

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