World after Panama Papers? Everything is just fine.

World after Panama Papers? Everything is just fine.

Age of information is blessing. We got very quick and effective access to so many data like libraries, online stores, videos on demand - everything in just a one click. No matter what data we're looking for. It's probably there. We just need to use search wisely. Ability to access wasn't that easy back in the days. Especially access to important data like: history, projects, schemes, tutorials and even secret documents released under some conditions for public use.

Today's Technology.

Modern technology allows us to get some insights form different area of our life. And when it comes to money most of the information are bad because of so called leaks. This gets us to the point where we can partially know what is going on behind a curtains in order to world's most powerful people. Age of information gave us brief look at some real activities going on around the globe. I mean wrong and unethical activities. One of the baddest and most repeatable activity we can find on the net are financial scams covering all areas of human life: from food industry, celebs, sport, mainstream media straight to the political leaders of nations. I'm not going to analyze any leaks. There were so many of them (Edward Snowden, Wikileaks, etc.). All of them are true - unfortunately. All data are open for public and You can analyze yourself.

The Leak.

The latest leaks called Panama Papers are truly enormous of size: 2.6 Terabytes of data which is the Thing! If we compare this to all major leaks published ever before, there is no scale to measure Panama's documents: 11.5 million! About year ago anonymous user shared data witch German newspaper Suddeutshe Zeitung who collaborated with ICIJ (The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists). After a year of researching and verifying documents they published it. This was a huge groundbreaking news around the world. All mainstream media cover this story. Politicians, sport superstars, royals and officials are on the list. Fake companies, money laundry, victims and super wealthy people emerged in a pile of data. We can say this is very similar to previous leaks. Maybe not on a such of scale but...


Everything is just fine!

My opinion about Panama Papers is harsh. Why? Almost every leak has some impact on society around the globe. It's great to be informed. The thing is for all those people who are mentioned in these documents this is not end of their world. Maybe some of them will be punished, I truly believe that. The fact is amount of assets they accumulated is out of our mind. So as they been caught some of them will confess and pay penalty. Most of them will never be punished. Why? Because presidents, royals, celebrities will always run their positions as usual. This is how our world operates. No leaks will stop this world. Don't get me wrong. I really would like to live in a positive and transparent world. Unfortunately this is not a one-leak process. It demand years and years of consciousness rise. It's clearly happening right now.

So no matter how many documents, fake money laundry companies will pop up even on a mainstream media, we will be always couple of years behind actual events. Even Panama Papers treat about scams form 70's up until latest ones. So scammers from 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's were let's say untouchable or already dead. For them everything is just fine because they been using financial power for short period of time by maximizing profits and they don't care about future allegations. The question is: what can we do about it? It's great to know the names, amounts and places involved in a scam. For us as an average people this is just a raw data. This is a part of the system we don't need to fight. War is not the ultimate goal. The thing is how to operate in this crazy world to avoid scammers, financial frauds, secrets etc.
We should use some backdoor on a daily basis and this is the only way to avoid negativity flowing from Panama Papers for example . So keep up our work, do our thing and who is a scammer will be stealing, who treat human being like nothing will do it. Do I worry about it? Partially yes but in this particular moment my only problem is to eat vegan cake and drink hot cup of delicious coffee.

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