ISPO 2015 Munich |Cool Gadgets and stuff.

ISPO 2015 Munich |Cool Gadgets and stuff.

During my trip to ISPO Munich which I closely reviewed in my previous post called: "Big brands vs Small brands | Visiting ISPO 2015 in Munich", I made short video about gadgets and some cool stuff I had opportunity to use/try. From drones, skis, wearable gadgets straight to cameras, sport equipment, tools and clothes. It was great time to have access and ability to do some tryout with these random gadgets, playing around with them and looking for some future opportunities getting one. One of my favorite booth was German branch of Sneakerfreaker. They presented 100 sneakers with some funny stories told about each sneaker.

I've seen random video recaps from ISPO 2015 in Munich. And I know this event is dynamic and super funky cool but those video's speed of editing and changing video shots was even faster. I couldn't watch many of them because of level of distraction of my sight. That's why I decided to edit my footage super slow in opposite to rest of all.

Have fun and stay calm watching this short report 🙂

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