Keep calm and…Why we fight with other people?

Keep calm and…Why we fight with other people?
Not only millions but I'll say probably most of entire planet is affected by very common disease called: quarrelling. On the street, in the office, in a workplace, in a fitness club, even in a park - almost everywhere we being affected by trying to prove our point of view, that this is ultimate truth for everyone. Even if we have no right. Millions of videos on the net showing angry people  shouting on each other in a traffic line, fighting in a shopping mall for flat screen TV or being  very angry and rude in a simple life situations.
This allowed me to sit back and think about: how I get angry? On every event I was trying to argue with others and I wasn't right there was a conflict in the air. I tried at any cost convince other individual I have solution and it's the only way to sort it out. But later after tenths of situations like this I started to realize one major difference between my thinking and others:

Every human being has their own opinion even if it's wrong and they'll stick to it no matter what! 

Convincing people they are wrong is like proving their way of thinking is bad hence world view is incorrect. And this is not what we might want to hear from other person. If we think in these categories convincing somebody to our point of view is pointless and even rude in it's core. We step in to others playground where we are only guests and we  have right to introduce our perspective (if the person we argue with is tolerant) and that's it. Only introduction not indoctrination. Unfortunately our ego is trying to push us to the limits and force to persuasive mode.
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I step back little bit and think about how can I change this. I separated some ingredients in this who-got-right riddle and shortly I collected some valuable data just from my still sitting and reconsidering my way of view. I did bring back some event in my memory which I had before and I did very simple and effective trick. Instead of standing on my side and defending my own point of view I switched across the invincible boarder and I tried to speak to myself from my "opponent's" point of barricade. This dramatically changed everything. I literally became this person, felt emotions like him, feel every part of his body. This led me to a major conclusion I'll never ever forget:

If we argue with someone and trying to convince him/her to our own point of view we should let it go because they have their own right to think and their truth is the only truth. Nothing else is important more than this.

We must consider this as done. It's not an option it's a fact that we are able to accept others point of view. If we can't that's OUR PROBLEM not the people whom we argue. This lead us to abandon all kind of fights we might experience daily. If we accept other people just the way they are it'll release a huge amount of anger or negativity from our mind and sometimes body as well. This is simple only here in this short text, in real life this is big thing. Let's try to consider this scenario and I'm hopeful we can achieve this state in our future life. Keep calm and......

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